World Relief partners with local churches in the United States and abroad to transform communities economically, socially and spiritually, so that the lives of the vulnerable can thrive and grow.

In order to fulfill this mission and to multiply the impact of the global church, World Relief also partners with like-minded organizations committed to standing with the vulnerable.

One Million Thumbprints

One Million Thumbprints (1MT) is a grassroots campaign seeking to catalyze a groundswell of people focused on overcoming the effects of war against women through storytelling, advocacy and fundraising. The volunteer peacemakers of One Million Thumbprints envision a world where women are free from the fear of violence, oppression and poverty caused by war.

We Welcome Refugees

#WeWelcomeRefugees exists to empower the global church to be a key agent of hope and compassion in the Middle East refugee crisis, provide tangible ways for individuals and churches to support refugees and partner with churches on the frontline of this humanitarian crisis.

The Justice Conference

Hosted in Chicago (USA), Hong Kong (China) and Melbourne (Australia), The Justice Conference is one of the largest Biblical and social justice conferences, bringing together world-class speakers and artists into gatherings designed to catalyze emerging works of justice around the world. The Justice Conference has become a premiere gathering for Christian leaders, justice practitioners, students and learners from all over the world.


Live58 is a growing network of pastors and leaders working together through a vibrant peer-to-peer network to equip and empower the global church to live the True Fast of Isaiah 58.