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World Relief Responds to Coup in Sudan, Remains Operational, Committed to Serving The Vulnerable

November 1, 2021

Lauren Carl

BALTIMORE – On October 25, 2021, military forces in Sudan under the command of General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan arrested Sudan’s sitting Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, along with several other key ministers. The military has dissolved the civilian government that had led Sudan since Al-Bashir, the previous military leader of Sudan, was deposed at the end of 2018. General Burhan’s forces have since taken control of the government and all ministries and have placed the country under a State of Emergency.

All World Relief staff are safe across the five main office locations and in all sub-offices in the region. World Relief’s deep field offices are yet unaffected by the coup. While the lockdown has disrupted many vital supplies, World Relief expects a return to stability once the conflict has subsided. Despite the upheaval, World Relief remains committed to serving the vulnerable in Sudan, and will continue to operate in the region without interruption. 

“We are incredibly grateful to be able to report all World Relief staff are safe and accounted for during this tumultuous time,” said Myal Greene, World Relief president and CEO. “Most local and international staff are back at work, and our programs are carrying on in the operational areas as per the previous plan.”

Today, 13.4 million people are estimated to be in extreme need of humanitarian assistance in Sudan, up from 5.8 million in 2016. More than 3 million people remain displaced within the country.

“Sudan remains extremely susceptible to humanitarian crises for the foreseeable future. Over the last several years, World Relief Sudan has become a trusted agency among the Sudanese people, other NGOs and the Sudanese government. Our staff will continue to prioritize the security, prosperity and stability of the country and its people in the years to come — no matter what,” added Greene.

During this ongoing humanitarian crisis instigated by the military’s coup, the potential for mass violence in Sudan is high. World Relief asks our partners and supporters to join us in praying for World Relief Sudan staff and for all World Relief beneficiaries who will be the hardest hit by any economic turbulence. We pray for wisdom in how to most effectively carry out our operations, and we ask for continued prayers for the people of Sudan.

“World Relief will continue to protect the most vulnerable in this time of crisis and uncertainty,” said Lydia Dawson, World Relief Sudan humanitarian and disaster response unit program officer in Sudan. “Please pray for protection over our staff and their families as they go about their duties and move through troubled streets to get from their homes to their offices.”

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