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World Relief Responds to Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis, Urges Diplomatic Solutions

February 24, 2022

Audrey Garden

BALTIMORE – Today, Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine, plunging the nation into further conflict. As an organization that resettles refugees and assists vulnerable people around the world, World Relief recognizes the significant impact this situation will have on the civilian population in Ukraine as well as those in surrounding communities.

Yesterday, the United Nations indicated that a Russian invasion could lead to as many as five million refugees fleeing into neighboring countries. World Relief has been monitoring the situation over the last few weeks and is working with partners to respond as needed. World Relief is also reaching out to our Ukrainian staff in the United States and resettled Ukrainian refugees in the U.S. to offer support.

“It is critical that as large numbers of Ukrainians flee the conflict, surrounding countries in the region allow those fleeing conflict to find safety and refuge there,” said Jenny Yang, senior vice president of advocacy and policy at World Relief. “Ukraine has already endured a significant humanitarian crisis with over one million conflict-afflicted Ukrainians inside the nation and in surrounding countries from the previous incursion in 2014. We urge the global community to continue to provide humanitarian support to Ukraine and the surrounding countries. Our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people, and we remain committed to praying for peace to prevail.”

As we keep abreast of the situation in Ukraine, World Relief urges people to pray and support partners on the ground who are responding.  With the loss of life already incurred as well as the significant displacement that will likely occur, many individuals will face dire humanitarian circumstances. A diplomatic solution is needed as urgently as possible to avert further humanitarian challenges.   

“This crisis hits very close to home for World Relief,” said Myal Greene, president and CEO of World Relief. “In the last 18 years, World Relief has resettled over 13,000 refugees from Ukraine. These individuals have become our neighbors and friends. Many have even joined our staff, and we serve together daily. For those in the Ukrainian community, the last few weeks have been stressful as they have watched with concern for what was unfolding. The events of the last few hours are devastating.”

World Relief is working with international partners on our response, supporting those who flee to other countries.  World Relief will continue to maintain a posture of prayer and support for our colleagues, neighbors, and friends in Ukraine and urges everyone to do the same in the coming weeks and months. 

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