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Prayer Wall

Our world has seemed out of control this week. The images are searing. The pain and confusion are palpable. Yet, we know a God who is in control of all these crises.

While we've been responding to this week's earthquake in Haiti "on the ground," we want to remember that there are many ways to take action — including in prayer. We believe that God hears and, in his wisdom, responds to the prayers and cries of his people. We want to be a people of prayer. Below are specific prayer requests from our staff. Would you partner with us by covering the country and people of Haiti in prayer?

* There is a major gap between the planned response and the funding available. We need more funds to reach the vulnerable families targeted in our assessment.

* Good coordination of all organizations responding as we lead the effort.

* Logistics and transportation of food and emergency assistance from Port-Au-Prince to Les Cayes is quite a task. Nothing can be procured in Les Cayes.

* We need prayer partners to cover the team and the country as we move forward.

* Pray for those who have lost loved ones, are searching for missing loved ones

* Pray for those with no shelter or food

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