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Find out more about the press coverage about World Relief and our opinions and actions to help the most vulnerable

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World Relief Testifies in the Senate on U.S. Refugee Policy and Hong Kong Residents


December 16, 2020 CONTACT:Lauren 388-6734 BALTIMORE  – Yesterday, Jenny Yang, Senior Vice President of Advocacy and Policy at World Relief and co-chair of the Advocacy Committee of Refugee Council USA (RCUSA) …

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World Relief Responds to Trump Administration’s Finalized Regulation to Limit Asylum


December 11, 2020 CONTACT:Lauren 388-6734 BALTIMORE  – The Trump administration announced Thursday that it has finalized a regulation that would make it increasingly difficult for individuals to claim asylum…

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World Relief Announces New Office in Ad-Damazin, Sudan


December 10, 2020 CONTACT:Lauren 388-6734 BALTIMORE – Today, World Relief announces a new office and guest house in Ad-Damazin, the capital of Blue Nile in Sudan. The new office…

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World Relief’s Efforts to Combat Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Eastern DR Congo Recently Expanded with New Funding Received from the Trust Fund for Victims


December 4, 2020 CONTACT:Lauren 388-6734 BALTIMORE – World Relief has commenced a new partnership with the Trust Fund for Victims under the International Criminal Court to provide physical rehabilitation…

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World Relief Remains Resilient in Fight Against HIV/AIDS


***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** December 1, 2020 CONTACT:Lauren 388-6734 BALTIMORE – This World AIDS Day, World Relief renews its commitment to eradicate HIV/AIDS. At the end of 2019 there were…

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World Relief Reaches Nearly 700,000 People with COVID-19 Preventative Messaging and Assistance


***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** November 9, 2020 CONTACT:Lauren 388-6734 BALTIMORE – To date, World Relief has reached nearly 700,00 people with messaging by staff and volunteers on preventative messaging, medical…

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World Relief Affirms Need to Pray For and Work With the President-Elect Biden on Key Humanitarian Issues Following Election


***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** November 7, 2020 CONTACT:Lauren 388-6734 BALTIMORE – Following President-elect Joe Biden’s acceptance speech, World Relief President Scott Arbeiter and CEO Tim Breene issued the following response:…

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World Relief Laments Trump Administration Signing Lowest Presidential Determination on Refugee Admissions in American History


***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** October 29, 2020 CONTACT:Lauren 388-6734 BALTIMORE – On October 27th, President Trump signed the Presidential Determination (PD) on refugee admissions, setting the refugee ceiling for FY2021…

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25,000 Christians Urge Ivanka Trump to Protect Unaccompanied Minors in Danger of Trafficking at the U.S.-Mexico Border


***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** October 13, 2020 CONTACT:Lauren 388-6734 BALTIMORE – 25,000 Christians have joined World Relief, Women of Welcome, and other leading evangelical institutions in petitioning Ivanka Trump to…

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World Relief Congratulates the UN’s World Food Programme for Winning Global Peace Prize


***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** October 12, 2020 CONTACT:Lauren 388-6734 BALTIMORE – World Relief, a global humanitarian organization that brings sustainable solutions to alleviate poverty and respond to disasters worldwide, congratulates…

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National Association of Evangelicals and World Relief Launch Statement on Civic Responsibility With Robust Advertising Campaign


***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** October 6, 2020 CONTACT:Lauren 388-6734 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) and World Relief launched a statement titled, “A Call to Civic…

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World Relief Decries Trump Administration’s Failure to Set Robust Presidential Determination for Refugee Resettlement for FY2021


***FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE*** October 1, 2020 CONTACT:Lauren 388-6734 BALTIMORE –  With the end of FY2020 and a proposed ceiling of 15,000 for FY2021, World Relief calls the administration to…

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