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We are a 1 1/2 weeks away from the start of RIDE/365. The team has been training daily for the last six months, with their recent 45 mile bike ride taking them through scenic northern Baltimore County.

Kris Bailey is part of the crew and heads up Women Who Stand/Baltimore.  She visited Cambodia last January and has a deep passion for raising awareness for the vulnerable in Cambodia and Malawi. Here is her “Why” on joining the RIDE/365:

Ride a bicycle for 365 miles? Are you kidding??  No way!!

Now drive 365 miles?  Hand out snacks and drinks?  Read a map?  These things I can do.  Taking a quote from the movie Rain Man, “I’m an excellent driver.”

It is a privilege to participate in RIDE/365 as part of the crew.  And I’m excited to help fund two World Relief programs that serve vulnerable women and children in Cambodia and Malawi. 

I’ve had the privilege of visiting Cambodia and seeing the poverty, the limited services for those at risk, and the children whose black hair is now rust-colored from poor nutrition.  The ability to grow the moringa tree, which is so high in nutritional value, can be the difference between life and death for people with HIV, and can bring new hope of sustainable nutrition to families and communities.  And then, as a mother of two children, it is moving to be part of providing an opportunity for children in Malawi to go to school, children who normally would not have that option.

Race Pace Bicycles is providing pre-ride support through bike repair classes, bike fittings, bike tune-ups, nutritional tips, and sending equipment and tools possible repairs needed on the road. Clif Bar is providing food and drinks for the race and training rides.

This ride couldn’t happen without the support and encouragement of family and friends.  You can be part of the support team, too, without having to get on a bike!

1.  Donating to support one of the riders.

2.  Join us NOW in praying for the safety of these riders, both in their training and during the ride itself.  We can also be praying for the health and safety of the people in Cambodia and Malawi for whom we are riding.

3.  Be a part of the “Welcome Home” party on Sunday, September 23.  Watch for more details.

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