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Roberta Nagel – Ambassador

Roberta Nagel

Roberta has volunteered for the past 5+ years in Malawi—one of the poorest nations in Africa and around the world. World Relief partners with local churches in Malawi as part of an integrated approach to address spiritual and physical needs of women. Roberta focuses on holistic discipleship of women, including refugees and the incarcerated.  She works towards spiritual growth and leadership development of women so that they discover, embrace, and expand their unique God-given potential. Women are the key initiators and implementers of change in Malawi. When they read, and understand God’s Word, they bring about far-reaching transformation in their families, their church, and their communities. Whether it is teaching about the Bible or training in practical income-generating projects, Roberta teaches skills that women can use as they develop to lead and teach on their own.  Her goal is to equip them to meet their spiritual and physical needs independently and to bless others as they have been blessed!

All donations go to World Relief’s Ambassador Program and not to a specific individual. Funds received are used at the discretion of World Relief. World Relief, in compliance with donor guidelines established by the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability and IRS regulations, must maintain control over the use of all donated funds.

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