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Every man, woman and child deserves a place to feel safe and call home. Here are some of the refugees we’ve met and helped.


After her home in Syria was destroyed by rockets, Hana fled with her children to relative safety in a bordering country. There, World Relief partners provided practical assistance like food and clothes and also helped Hana’s children continue their education, offering something potentially even more valuable—hope for the future.


Ammar and Fatma’s youngest child arrived at her school in Aleppo, Syria, only to find it in a pile of rubble. The family quickly fled to Turkey where they lived and worked in poor conditions with low pay. After 4 years, the family was resettled in the U.S. by World Relief. Now their children have a school and their son with special needs has health care. They live in peace.


At sixteen, Ancila’s father was killed when civil war broke out in Burundi, causing Ancila to flee. She spent the next 43 years as a refugee living in five different refugee camps until finally arriving in the U.S. Now she has a home and feels both confident and secure as she provides for her family and contributes to her community.


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