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For those experiencing vulnerability, the journey is long. Help us pave the path to lasting change.
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Our store is a whole new way to engage with the work of World Relief.  Your representational gift ensures sustainable help as we respond to natural disasters, resettle refugees, and work to bring peace in war-torn regions. 

Shop differently and stand with the vulnerable. 

Disaster Response

When disaster strikes, World Relief is ready to repond quickly and effectively to meet the immediate needs of those affected, as well as provide long term solutions of ongoing development. The gifts below help World Relief stand with the vulnerable by being adequately prepared for disasters before they happen, and fully equipped to spring into action when they do.

Economic Development

For the 1.6 billion people in the world who lack the financial resources to meet their most basic needs, World Relief provides programs and services that empower vulnerable regions to lift themselves out of poverty. The gifts below help World Relief stand with the vulnerable by partnering with local churches to provide opportunities for individuals and families to increase their ability to earn income save funds, and ensure a bright economic future for themselves and their communities.

Refugee & Immigration Services

When refugees and immigrants arrive to the U.S., World Relief not only welcomes them with open arms, but also provides every opportunity we can to help refugees as they begin their new lives here. The gifts below help World Relief stand with the vulnerable by providing refugees and immigrants with tangible items and services they need to quickly adjust to life in the U.S., as well as the ongoing programs they need to make the U.S. home.

Health & Child Development

In vulnerable regions around the world, World Relief provides families with access to quality healthcare and health education. The gifts below help World Relief stand with the vulnerable by providing programs that ensure that children are kept alive and healthy, and given every opportunity to thrive.


In the regions of the world where unrest and conflict are rooted in years of violence, World Relief and its partners provide prgrams that help communities grwo in their capacity to protect one another and promote peace. The gifts below help World Relief stand with the vulnerable at the grassroots level to train community mmbers to lead themselves and theirr neighbors towards unity, peace and conflict prevention.

Hope for the Most Vulnerable

Around the world, World Relief stands with the vulnerable, partnering with local churches to end the cycle of suffering, transforming lives, and building sustainable communities. The gifts below increase World Rellief’s capacity to stand with the vulnerable by providing resources to regions where funds are most needed. Your donation, combined with the expertise we have gained during more than 70 years of aid and development work, gives World Relief the ability to not only meet the immediate needs of the vulnerable, but also develop holistic systems and programs that transform once-vulnerable regions into thriving communities.

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