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Stories from the Border: Marty

Over the last few weeks the news has been filled with stories of what’s happening at the U.S.-Mexico border. Many of these realities are not new to our U.S. offices, who regularly work with immigrants and asylum seekers. Our offices provide legal services and vital programming to hundreds holding onto hope for a better future. In this series, Stories from the Border, we’ll be highlighting a few of these brave men and women, and their journey with World Relief. 

Pastoring and planting churches can be difficult no matter where in the world you live. For Marty, a pastor and church planter in rural Kenya who also runs a non-profit focused on women’s rights, this proved to be true when his ministry became the target for violence and hostility.

Marty was nearly killed because of his work, yet, he persevered and was eventually invited to speak at a Christian conference in the U.S. After the conference, he realized returning to Kenya would be too dangerous and sought asylum in the United States. 

For nearly a year, Marty relied on the help and generosity of others for basic needs such as food and housing, while he waited to be granted asylum. The World Relief team in Spokane learned of Marty’s situation and reached out. They helped meet his basic needs and connected him with a welcoming church community who provided much needed social and emotional support.  

Marty, who was once alone, unable to return to his home, has found a new life in the U.S. and a safe place to live out God’s call on his life, thanks to his church community and World Relief volunteers. 

Together we’re restoring hope and rebuilding lives for the millions fleeing persecution and violence in search of refuge.

Dana North serves as the Marketing Manager at World Relief. With a background in graphic design and advertising and experiences in community development and transformation, Dana seeks to use the power of words and action to help create a better world. Dana is especially passionate about seeking justice for women and girls around the world.

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