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World Relief Responds to Cyclone Idai

Nearly a week has passed since Cyclone Idai devastated three of the most vulnerable countries in Southern Africa, Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, and the full extent of the disaster and the needs are still growing.

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Love Never Fails

Sometimes it feels as though the world is on fire. Each day of 2017 brought a new story that reminded us that we live in a world seemingly settled on top of tinder, full of angry people running around with match in hand. We see the flames of war, terrorism, sexual violence, racism and continued violence against the refugee and immigrant raging around us and growing in intensity.

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Changemakers in Haiti — Who is the Hero?

When people think of Haiti, they often think of incredible poverty, disaster, dependence, and despair. But there is another story. It is one of the church stepping into communities as beacons of light and agents of change, offering help and hope to struggling families.

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How To Make Sure We’re Ready for the Next Crisis

What do you do when the tragedies of this world seem like they just won’t stop? What do you do when so many already-vulnerable people suffer even greater hardship? I think I might already know what you do. Because I’ve seen you do it. And I’m hoping you might do it again. But first, a…

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Diamonds of Haiti: The Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

[The following videos and blog post are detailed updates we’ve received from Joseph Bataille, World Relief’s Country Director in Haiti, about the relief efforts taking place in Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.] Every year, my wife and I choose a new part of Haiti to explore for our anniversary. Our country is a…

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UPDATE: Relief for Haiti

Since Monday, when Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti, we’ve been getting reports from our staff and local partners in the country. The situation grows worse by the day. Please consider taking action and donating today. Haitian officials are reporting that at least 400 people have died, and the death toll is likely to continue rising. The…

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South Sudan: World’s Youngest Nation on the Brink of Civil War

[This post comes to us from a team member in South Sudan, however we’re choosing to keep the author’s identity private at this time.] In most parts of the world, Independence Day is something to celebrate. It’s a day to remember past sacrifice and to celebrate the victory of a battle hard fought. And yet,…

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How You Stand with the Vulnerable

Because of the generosity of donors, World Relief was able to help Preemptive Love provide food and other essential items to 500 families in Fallujah. Two weeks ago, Iraqi military forces began ground operations around the city of Fallujah to reclaim it from ISIS. Within the first week, 500 families were liberated but left without food,…

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Finding Hope on the Front Lines

Editors Note: What follows is an update recently received from Maggie Konstanski, World Relief’s Disaster Response Manager. Maggie writes from Iraq, where she is currently working with local leaders to assist families forced from their homes because of the ongoing conflicts in Syria and Iraq. Since last May, this is my fourth month here in Iraq, and I…

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