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Our Journey to ‘YES’: Terri & Tim Traudt

We are so honored to be partners with World Relief and play a small part in impacting people’s lives—even if they’re people we’ll never meet here on earth. It’s hard to describe how much our relationship with World Relief has impacted us. It’s opened our eyes and matured our hearts to the vulnerable.” – Tim & Terri Traudt

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Our Journey to ‘YES’: Jill & Jason Hwang

“We love that there’s a focus and intentionality on empowering local churches and communities to seek out transformation and lead it themselves. It feels good to know we’re investing in local institutions that, when the work of an NGO comes to an end, will still be there.” – Jill & Jason Hwang

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Our Journey to ‘YES’: Fellowship Missionary Church

Fourteen years ago, a partnership between Fellowship Missionary Church (FMC) in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and World Relief began. In 2005, no one could have predicted the transformational power this relationship would have. Today, it couldn’t be clearer that God was at work in majestic ways.

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Our Journey to ‘YES’: Ross & Emily Jones

“There’s so much joy in doing your part to make the world a better place, and in doing it with others. We really feel like we’re part of something bigger at World Relief, part of a movement and a family.” – Ross & Emily Jones

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