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Stopping Slavery before it Starts – A Story from Cambodia

Human trafficking continues to flourish today in 167 countries – that’s 85 percent of the world. Every day, women, men and children of all ages and nationalities are captured and forced to work on farms, in factories, in hotels or in the commercial sex trade – generating billions of dollars of revenue each year. But…

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Shining a Light on Slavery – #ENDITMOVEMENT

27 million people are currently trapped in slavery. That is enough people to circle the entire globe. In the U.S., there are an estimated 14,500 – 17,500 people trafficked each year. As agencies, churches and volunteers partner in combating the largest and fastest growing criminal industry in the world, World Relief continues to educate the…

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#Enditmovement: Meeting Survivors’ Needs In The U.S.

Why are we a part of #enditmovement? At World Relief we seek to empower the local Church to serve the most vulnerable, which inherently includes the oppressed and exploited. We work to prevent trafficking in high-risk cities in our Asia offices, but we also provide comprehensive services to survivors in our U.S. offices. We are excited…

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