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Drop in to the Friendship Center!

Mely talks to clients in the Friendship Center

Community Ambassadors are here to help! As immigrants and former refugees, these ambassadors have “been through it all.” This life experience puts them in a unique place where they can address refugee needs with empathy and knowledge. Whether one is dropping into the Friendship Center for a quick hello or staying to work on a…

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Holy Discomfort: Justice, Kindness & Humility

Mark Michaelis reminisces about Africa.

God is not particularly concerned with my comfort. God does say that we are to comfort others with the comfort we have been given (2 Corinthians 1:4), but this type of comfort is not the absence of pain; it’s the opposite.

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Welcome Home, Son

The family gathers in the airport for the first time in six years.

This beautiful picture is an example of a minor case: a refugee under the age of 18 who is traveling to another country for resettlement without the guardianship of his parents.

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Pastor John Sowers: Jesus As a Vulnerable Refugee

I don’t believe I ever heard a sermon on Joseph, Mary, and Jesus having to flee to Egypt to evade the murderous cruelty of King Herod. It was as if we American Christians could all imagine being a vulnerable baby, but we did not have a lens on what it would mean to be a vulnerable refugee family.

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