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Living Outside the Box: A Story of Transformation (VIDEO)

“Thinking outside of the box” is a phrase often used to praise imaginative and bold ideas. When we need to solve a problem but there’s no clear path forward, our minds are stretched and we are forced to imagine a better way. But what would it look like to not just think outside the box, but to LIVE outside of the box as well? 

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Change That Lasts Through Mutual Transformation

by Amber Díaz Pearson // At World Relief Durham, we often talk about mutual transformation as a central goal for relationships within our community: among churches, between volunteers and newcomers, between staff and neighbors. But what does it take to build the kind of authentic friendships that would lead to mutual transformation?  While no two…

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World Relief Durham’s Efforts for Immigrant Equity

This summer, Adam Clark, World Relief Durham’s Executive Director, wrote a piece for local nonprofit partner Built2Last Innovations Lab‘s quarterly magazine, Vol. 3. World Relief Durham (WRD) is working towards one main goal in the Triangle region: immigrant equity. For hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians who were born in another country, life presents numerous…

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