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The Obama Administration announced that the persecution of Christians and other minority groups is systematic genocide.

On Thursday, March 17, 2016, Secretary of State John Kerry determined that terrorist groups and warring militias are committing genocide against Christians and other minorities in Iraq and Syria.

7.6 million Syrians are displaced within the country, and 3.8 million have sought refuge in other countries. The 4 million people displaced within Iraq, as well as 500,000 Iraqis who have sought refuge in other countries has further compound this humanitarian crisis. The UNHCR’s latest figures show the refugee crisis is getting worse.



“Daesh (Terrorist group) is responsible for genocide against groups in areas under its control, including Yazidis, Christians, and Shia Muslims.

(They) have tried to slaughter whole communities, enslaved captive women and girls for sex, and sought to erase thousands of years of cultural heritage by destroying churches, monasteries and ancient monuments.” 

— Secretary of State John Kerry


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