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Thurston County Hosts “From Home to Home” Refugee Resettlement Simulation Event

In recognition of the thousands of refugees who are forcibly displaced from their home countries each year, the Thurston County office of World Relief is hosting “From Home to Home” – an experiential exhibit demonstrating the challenges these refugees face when coming to the United States. The event will take place in Olympia on May 19 – May 22, with sessions available both for groups and individuals from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at 812 Central St SE. Sessions in the exhibit will simulate the common decisions and difficulties refugees and asylum seekers face on their journey to resettlement.

“Refugees and asylum seekers who are forcibly displaced from their homes have experienced challenges and dangers that many of us cannot begin to comprehend,” said Annie Frisbie, Director of Strategic Advancement. “Through this exhibit, we hope to create awareness of both the trauma of displacement and the difficulties they endure on their journey to the United States. By doing so, we can better work together as a community to ensure those who have experienced such difficulty can find support in Thurston County.”

Through this exhibit, the Thurston County office of World Relief is aiming to increase understanding of the unique vulnerabilities of refugees and asylum seekers who have been forcibly displaced and highlight the need to assist them in rebuilding their lives in the United States. This exhibit to increase awareness is coupled with the office’s continuing work serving displaced individuals in Western Washington by assisting them in securing safe housing and providing cultural orientation services.

“Refugees and asylum seekers need our support to both navigate an unfamiliar culture and an uncertain future in their new homes,” said Annie Frisbie. “They have suffered significant challenges before and during their journey here, but our community has an opportunity to demonstrate God’s love for them by welcoming them with open arms and helping to ease their transition to rebuilding lives in the United States.”

Schools, local businesses, first responders, faith groups, and individuals are all encouraged to participate in the exhibit. To register for this event as a group or an individual, please visit the World Relief Western Washington “From Home to Home” events page and reserve a spot:

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