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Today, HIV is my responsibility

In 2010, Disfol Wenda lived on the streets but participated in a Youth Retreat with Park Street Church. Since then, he has become actively involved in World Relief Mobilizing For Life project, and serving as a Volunteer Trainer for the last six months. He is currently learning English in a local college in Jayawijaya, and hoping that someday he will use his full potential to help other highland youth in Papua. This is his testimony:

Firstly, I want to give thanks to God for everything that he has done in my life.

And secondly, I want to thank World relief and the Youth Forum Baliem Peace Jayawijaya. I believe that World Relief and the Youth Forum have been saving many people from under the HIV and AIDS threats, by providing knowledge to young men and women so that they could be different from their peers.

HIV is one of the problems that we are having right now because HIV and AIDS have been killing many people around the world, especially in Papua. Since I was in an elementary school, I have received much information about HIV and AIDS, but I never understood it well. I thought HIV was just something that people always talk about.

But now, I have a better understanding, and that is because of the activity of World Relief and  Youth Forum Baliem Peace Jayawijaya that I have participated in.

We have to solve HIV problems. Today HIV is my responsibility; I have to tell to other people apart from my family. Thank you!!!


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