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Together, we’re saving lives—before, during and after disaster strikes.

The Immediate Crisis in Turkana

Africa is currently facing the worst food crisis since 1945. The Kenyan government estimates that within the next 30 days, 4 million people will be in need of food assistance across the country.

Specifically, in Kenya’s county of Turkana–one of the hottest, driest regions in the world–hundreds of thousands of indigenous people are hungry and at risk of starvation because of the lack of significant rainfall in the last 18 months.

Without help, Turkana faces large-scale famine. Thousands could die in the coming months. Help save lives by providing immediate food assistance and nutrition outreach to the people of Turkana.

Extremely malnourished two-and-a-half-year-old boy in Natoo Village measures at the size and development of a seven-month old baby.

Effects of the Drought

The effects of the drought are widespread:

  • Child malnutrition has skyrocketed from 14% to over 30%, as families are unable to bring food to the table
  • Water sources—especially those in pastoralist areas (where the raising of livestock is practiced)—have been depleted and no longer meet community needs
  • 60% to 80% of livestock have died due to dehydration and starvation

Provide immediate food assistance and nutrition outreach to the people of Turkana.

World Relief’s Work

As the only NGO with a permanent presence in many parts of the region, World Relief has developed a network of churches, pastors and community leaders that can distribute emergency food supplies at the most grassroots level possible.

We have helped the people of Turkana previously and–with your help–we stand ready to do it again.

We began our work in the region in 2011 when drought and famine last devastated Turkana. Since then we have developed and implemented innovative programs focused on food and water security, farming techniques, savings, and health & hygiene through local church partners, experts, and community volunteers to help the people of Turkana live sustainably in their native region.

“It’s urgent that we equip local communities and churches to care for the sick and malnourished, especially the children.”

—Tim Breene, CEO of World Relief

Join us in providing immediate food assistance and nutrition outreach to the people of Turkana. Together, we can save lives and make a long-lasting difference in the region.

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