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Unlock Hope

Resettling Refugees Through Love and Community

For most of us, the safety of home is a privilege we take for granted. But for millions of Syrian refugees, it’s a concept that’s vanished – nearly overnight. Today, many are living in the urban centers of neighboring countries within the Middle East, settled, yet forced to start over – and that’s a crisis on its own. Without the resources they had back home and with entire communities displaced, there’s an incredible amount of people who need help.

For those displaced by the crisis in Syria, there is no going home – this is a reality they are confronting each day.

Now’s The Time To Do Something About It.

We’ve seen the news. We’ve heard the stories. Yet many of us gave nothing but an opinion. Now’s the chance to give something more, to unlock hope for those you’ve heard so much about.

We’re asking for you give just $15 each month. Your monthly donation will support community development and integration for Syrian refugees and will go a long ways towards creating a new home for them.

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