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Virtual Vision Trip

We’re all in. We believe the global church in its local expressions can bring lasting change to our world. And we believe you — with your story, your passions, your giftings and experiences are primed to be a part of it.


While stories are moving and data is powerful, we know there’s nothing like seeing and experiencing the transformation for yourself. That’s why we’re inviting you on this virtual vision trip! When you say yes to joining us, you’ll get to meet our staff, rub shoulders with local pastors and program participants, and hear from partners who, like you, have added their life to this mission. And most of all, you’ll get to see and experience the lasting change we're creating together in communities all around the world.

Click to see the trip itinerary below to get a feel for our time together and register for a trip that works for you! We’re honored to be part of your discovery into more of what you were made for.

Virtual Vision Trip Itinerary | Total Time: 1.5 hours

  1. Meet & greet fellow trip participants
  2. Virtual welcome by a current World Relief partner
  3. Intro to World Relief
  4. Field Guide exploration and teaching
    1. Integral Mission
    2. Transformation Tree Model
    3. Belief systems
    4. Hand Model
  5. Journal reflection prompt and sharing
  6. Virtual visit with a Church Network Committee
  7. Journal reflection prompt and sharing
  8. Virtual visit with a Savings for Life group
  9. Virtual visit to a home of a Savings for Life group member
  10. Journal reflection prompt and sharing
  11. Current partner story of transformation
  12. Where do we go from here?

We’re so glad you’re coming on the World Relief Virtual Vision Trip Experience! Please fill out the registration form below so we can serve you well throughout the course of pre, during, and post trip.

Please note: the deadline to register and receive your pre-trip box is May 17, 2024. Any registrations submitted after that date may not receive their pre-trip materials before the event, but all materials will be sent out in the post-trip box.

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