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Volunteering 101: Johnny’s Story

What does it mean to volunteer? Most of the responses to this question revolve around the idea of giving of yourself, your time and talents, to serve others. The notion of volunteering is timeless and understood globally. Throughout history, people have served the underserved, supported those in need, and provided relief for the disadvantaged.

With an increase in technological advances, the world has become accessible as individuals and groups travel to more countries than ever before. With over 70,000 refugees being resettled in America each year, World Relief has come alongside the local Church to work on the front lines of refugee resettlement.

Johnny, a businessman who, for most of his life, put a significant amount of time and effort into his work, reevaluated what it means to truly do “God’s work.” Now in his 50’s, Johnny believes simply that “it is incumbent on Christians to love God and love others”. Wanting to be a part of God’s bigger picture, Johnny and his wife came alongside a refugee family from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who were entering an entirely new country and way of life.

Johnny and his wife not only helped set up an apartment for this family, but welcomed them with open arms at the airport and befriended them over the coming months. As Johnny knows, “Everyone is aiming at something. What is that and what should it be?”

Here at World Relief, we are moved to come alongside refugees in many ways. Though this may be something as simple as providing a meal for a family who is new to a country, we believe that true friendships and deep relationships will be life-changing for all involved. Over 95% of our workforce is made up of volunteers, so it’s in our DNA to share these life-changing testimonies and simply come alongside our neighbors, especially those who may be new to our country.

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