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Kits for refugees

Welcome Kits

Refugees often flee their homes at a moment’s notice and arrive in the U.S. with few belongings, a difficult past and high hopes for the future.

World Relief provides newly arriving refugee families with Welcome Kits that provide basic household supplies to provide for tangible needs as they transition to new lives in an unfamiliar culture.

Welcome Kits include supplies for the household, kitchen, bathroom, as well as cleaning supplies and necessary essentials for refugee mothers and their children, including a new car seat, diapers, wet wipes, books and small toys.

Churches, small groups, families, and schools are mobilizing to provide newly arriving refugee families with Welcome Kits filled with basic household items to help them get started with their new lives in a place of safety.

Gather this list of items and drop off a Welcome Kit at a nearby World Relief field office or purchase a kit for a one-time donation of $25 or more and we’ll assemble it for you.

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