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For those experiencing vulnerability, the journey is long. Help us pave the path to lasting change.
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Packing List

Recommended gear for our 5-day, 400 mile adventure.

Each rider will be allowed one one overnight bag (think airline "carry-on" sized) which will meet cyclists at the overnight stop. If there's anything you want during the ride (waterbottle, extra snacks, sunscreen, phone, patch kit, etc), make sure that you can attach it to your bike!

Much of the ride is warm and exposed, but there is always the possibility for rain (or even snow at higher elevations!), so make sure you're prepared for both.


Road bike


Water bottle or hydration pack

Rear and front lights

Extra tubes


Sleeping bag

Sleeping pad/mat

Toiletries, including needed or possibly needed medication


Clothes for off-bike time and sleeping

ID and health insurance card

Highly Recommended


Pain reliever

Small travel pillow

Bike shoes and pedals you clip into

Socks--smartwool or lightweight

3-4 jerseys (one official STK jersey will be provided)

2 padded bike shorts

Bike tights

Rain coat


Saddle bag or handlebar bag

Levers, mini pump, and patch kit (we will have flat tire repair gear in the van, but if you have them and know how to use them, you can take them on your bike for speedier repair.)

Chamois Cream

Charger for phone/accessories


Bathing suit

Earplugs/sleep mask

Power bank/portable charger

It is strongly recommended that you collect and use these things throughout spring training. You'll want to make sure you know your gear well before we hit the road!

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