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Suggested Training Plan

SEA TRI KAN is a 5-day, 400+ mile bike tour, but it's designed to be doable by casual cyclists if you're willing to put in a bit of spring training! The following training plan is meant to get you in the best shape possible for the least discomfort on the ride.

Training basics

  • Hill training about 1-2 times per week (preferably on a real bike outside--this will help you learn how to climb more efficiently)
  • Long endurance rides about once a week, followed by a rest day
  • Try to increase your miles about 10% each week
  • Learn to keep your body hydrated and fueled during training
  • It's a really, really good idea to train with a group and learn how to ride in a pace line
  • No knobby mountain bike tires

A Sample Plan


  • Make sure your bike is in working order by riding around the block.
  • Get a tune-up if you need it or if your bike hasn't been used in a while.
  • Consider installing fenders if you want to stay clean and dry during early training season.
  • 2-3 shorter training rides per week (3-5 miles)
  • 1 longer ride per week (10-20 miles)


  • 2-3 easy rides per week
  • 1 longer ride per week
  • By the end of the month aim for 2 longer rides back-to-back (one at least 35 miles, the other at least 25 miles)


  • 2-3 easy rides per week
  • 2-3 hill repeats
  • 5-8 longer rides (see if you can increase distance of one ride to at least 50 miles)


  • 2 hill repeats per week
  • 2 back-to-back longer rides per week (see if you can increase distance of one ride to at least 80 miles)
  • At least one long, hilly ride with 3,000' elevation gain back-to-back with another longer ride


  • Week 1: 2 days of hill repeats, 2 back-to-back long rides, easy 3-15 mile rides (or other workout) in between
  • Week 2: 2 short, intense workouts, 1 ride of 1-2 hours (taper week)
  • Week 3: Rest Monday/Tuesday; we begin SEA TRI KAN on Wednesday!

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