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Volunteer Expectations and Agreements

Be willing to learn, grow and be flexible – Working with people from other cultures is challenging and exciting, but it can also be difficult and frustrating. The most successful volunteers are those who keep an open mind, are willing to stretch themselves, and who understand that there aren’t always easy answers or quick fixes. Be cultural humble, practice trauma informed responses, and take time to practice self-care.


Cooperate with World Relief staff – If you feel a participant’s needs are not being met, please reach out to your Volunteer Coordinator to discuss your concerns. Please understand that we have the participants’ best interests in mind and want to see them become self-sufficient as quickly as possible. We would be happy to talk in-depth about any of these matters and value your sensitivity and care. Please be respectful to all WRS staff, participants, and community partners in your communication, and come with a spirit of collaboration and humility.


Work alongside World Relief’s Mission, Vision and Values – As a Christian organization we are committed to serving, working alongside, and advocating with refugees and immigrants. We recognize that our volunteers and participants come from a variety of backgrounds and faith practices, and we seek to respect and learn from each of them. We ask that volunteers agree to work alongside the mission and vision of World Relief, even if these are not personally held values. Conversely, we strongly discourage any form of proselytizing (attempting to coerce or convert someone to your religion). If you have any questions or concerns about this, please speak with our Volunteer Coordinator.


Complete the volunteer screening process – For the protection of our participants, volunteers must complete a background check and other onboarding steps. If your volunteer role involves driving you must also pass a driver’s license check. Your information is confidential and will not be used for any other purpose. If you do not complete the screening, you may not be matched in a volunteer role.


Keep your time commitment – Volunteers agree to various time commitments, depending on their roles, and are asked to communicate with the volunteer coordinator if unable to fulfill this time commitment, either temporarily or long term.


Track your volunteer hours – Volunteers are required to consistently track all hours volunteered and any donations given in Track it Forward. This is very important as volunteer hours can be matched with grants and funding that helps support refugee resettlement programs.


Communicate – Volunteers are encouraged to communicate with the Volunteer Coordinator with any questions or feedback. If a concern about the health and safety of a participant is in question, please contact a World Relief staff or Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible. After each commitment, volunteers will take time to debrief with the Volunteer Coordinator. This is an important time for the volunteer to process their experience and for the Coordinator to learn how World Relief can better serve its volunteers and participants in the future.


Maintain confidentiality – As volunteers build relationships and hear stories from refugee and asylee friends, we ask that volunteers honor that relationship by keeping personal information private. Do not share stories or post pictures to social media without the express written permission of the individual. Concerns for health and safety should be communicated to World Relief immediately (see above). If you have any doubts or questions, talk with the Volunteer Coordinator.


Download and read more about World Relief and our volunteer agreement and expectations here.

***World Relief retains the right to terminate any volunteer service by dismissing the volunteer. A volunteer will receive a written explanation for their dismissal. Reasons for dismissal include a participant’s desire to end the relationship and volunteer behavior that is in violation of the mission statement and purpose of World Relief, or in violation of this agreement.

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