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What Does the Bible REALLY Say About Immigration?

August 21, 2018

Lauren Carl

Baltimore, Md. – Matthew Soerens and Jenny Yang of World Relief just released supplemental curriculum to their new book Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion & Truth in the Immigration Debate. This great new resource for Christians, called Discovering and Living God’s Heart for Immigrants: A Guide to Welcoming the Stranger, helps unpack what it looks like to balance Biblical compassion and justice in the middle of today’s refugee crisis. This curriculum is an invaluable, timely tool for Christians and reveals what the Bible says about caring for the “stranger.”

In today’s emotionally-charged political climate, having a rational conversation about immigration and how the Bible addresses it can be difficult. Soerens and Yang, U.S. Director of Church Mobilization and VP of Advocacy and Policy for World Relief respectively, help churches, families and discussion groups understand and reconcile the complex topic of immigration with the Bible, putting into practice the principles they share in Welcoming the Stranger. There are numerous ways for Americans to serve their immigrant neighbors and speak out concerning immigration reform when they understand how God views the immigrant with both justice and compassion – this book enables Christians to do so.

Discovering and Living God’s Heart for Immigrants is the perfect tool for churches and discussion groups because it makes room for Christians to have a thoughtful, respectful conversation on a confusing topic and includes practical challenges that will help them live out their faith with clarity and confidence. With Biblical support for its claims, the curriculum equips Christians to have a timely conversation and an appropriate response to God’s call to enter into the lives of the refugees and immigrants around them.

This guide explains the complexities of policy regulation and includes firsthand stories from refugees to uncover the many misconceptions surrounding today’s immigration debate. In a public discussion that is often heavily slanted towards either justice or compassion, its balanced response offers a much needed perspective for Christians ready to learn more about a difficult topic.

Each of the six sections includes:

  • A brief video where each theme is introduced by the authors
  • An overview of the session’s theme
  • Questions to prompt discussion
  • Practical prayer prompts
  • A challenge to help the reader grow in their knowledge and compassion toward immigrants

What others are saying about Welcoming the Stranger:

“Biblical, urgent, readable. An excellent introduction to this complex moral issue. All thinking evangelicals should read it.”
-Ron Sider, founder and president emeritus, Evangelicals for Social Action

“A fresh, compelling call from Scripture to live out the gospel with boldness and courage in the twenty-first century.  A significant pivotal guide for the church in these times.”
-Jo Anne Lyon, global ambassador for the Wesleyan Church

“It’s refreshing to read Christian authors address a global crisis in a decidedly Christlike manner. Soerens and Yang lead the reader through a logical argument for a compassionate policy shift on this volatile topic.”
-Reid Ribble, former member of Congress representing Wisconsin’s eighth congressional district

Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion & Truth in the Immigration Debate is available for purchase on Amazon, Christianbook and InterVarsity Press.

Discovering and Living God’s Heart for Immigrants: A Guide to Welcoming the Stranger is available free online at

Download the PDF version of this press release.


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