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Why Help Immigrants and Refugees

Why help immigrants and refugees?

It’s Biblical.

The Scriptures are replete with God’s commands to his people to love, welcome, and seek justice for refugees and other immigrants. Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan is our standard. The story goes that the man, whom Jesus presents as the model of neighborly love, provides assistance to a person in need, who was of a different religious tradition.

It’s American.

The American tradition of welcoming families who come to the United States to start their lives again in safety and dignity is our heritage. The American people—most of whom can trace their own families’ stories through a similar immigrant journey in search of freedom—are a hospitable people.

It’s World Relief. 

When you help us, you are empowering local churches to stand with refugees. By ministering across cultural, linguistic and religious lines, the American church grows and people’s lives are transformed, moving from dependence to independent.

Make a difference in the lives of refugees here in the U.S.

Listen to four leaders share their unique perspectives about making a difference in the lives of refugees.

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