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On a mission to engage the Church to live out her biblical calling to advocate and care for the needs of immigrants and refugees.

Women of Welcome is a community dedicated to diving into the whole of Scripture to understand God's heart for the immigrant and refugee. We believe God calls us to a deep love for the vulnerable, the marginalized, and the forgotten.  Together we are on a journey to understand Biblical hospitality in an authentic way. Therefore, we seek to learn, engage, and grow to be more like Christ in our welcome toward the sojourner.

Together we're building a community of women who will change the world through their Christ-like welcome.


"I found this community and my heart has been lit on fire."

      • We met Carla at an event in Dallas. She found the Women of Welcome community on Facebook and quickly started watching videos and downloading resources. When our border trips filled up last year, that didn't stop Carla. She decided to visit the border herself, taking two friends with her. Since then she's engaged her Church leadership with our film, small group studies, and is making connections with local immigrant ministries.

When you join us in our mission to change the world through Christ-like welcome.

You give women like Carla the courage to engage and change communities from the inside out.

You're helping educate women like Kate*:

"I always saw this subject (immigration) as a political issue. But I'm learning so much about how this population fits into my pro-life narrative."

You're helping encouraging women like Sarah*:

"I felt so alone. I didn't have a safe place to ask questions, I didn't know where to look for sound biblical resources about immigrants and refugees. Then I found Women of Welcome and I'm so grateful to see other Christian women engaging in this space; a space that has often felt too divisive or political for me to enter. I've read every resource you offer and watched so many videos. I feel like I can start to have conversations that I never thought possible before. Thank you!"

You're helping equip women like Bekah*:

"I wanted to call my state representatives to voice my concerns but didn't know where to start or what to say. Your videos helped me take the first step. Thank you."

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Your generosity goes to support the efforts of Women of Welcome.

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