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World Relief Calls for ‘21 Days of Peace’ in Lead Up to United Nations’ International Day of Peace on September 21

AUGUST 31, 2017
The KAIROS Company for World Relief

World Relief Calls for ‘21 Days of Peace’ in Lead Up to United Nations’
International Day of Peace on September 21

Launching on September 1, the 21-Day Resource Will Serve as a Tangible Guide Reflecting on Personal, Community, and Global Peace.

BALTIMORE, MD – Global humanitarian and development organization World Relief is calling the church to personal reflection in the lead up to the United Nations’ International Day of Peace on September 21. On September 1, World Relief released the first of three weekly guides titled, 21 Days of Peace, a resource for personal reflection centered on the idea of peace and the power it has to change hearts, communities and ultimately, the world.

21 Days of Peace is organized into three parts, one for each week:

  • Week One – Personal Peace
  • Week Two – Peace Within Communities
  • Week Three – Global Peace

“21 Days of Peace is a way to highlight the need for peace within ourselves first and foremost, and then to give people tangible advice and resources on how to bring peace to others,” says Scott Arbeiter, President of World Relief.

“This campaign gives people a way to connect with what’s happening on a global scale, understanding that in areas of conflict and fragility, the church needs to be peace makers in a volatile world,” continued Tim Breene, CEO of World Relief.

Each day’s reflection also invites the reader into different modes of reflection, including Bible readings, written journaling, and simple action steps.

“There are a lot of things in the news, in our families and in our daily lives that create stress and rob us of peace, and then as a result, prevent us from being agents of peace in the world,” adds Arbeiter. “As a Christian organization, we believe it when Christ said, ‘Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.’ But what does that mean tangibly? How do we build a culture of peace? Sometimes it’s as simple as having someone point us in the right direction with a prayer, a Bible verse, or a small, intentional act of kindness that makes all the difference in that person’s life. That’s what the 21 Days of Peace is designed to do.”

“We have seen the church rise up in times of intense conflict to bring communities together to be peace makers—it’s what Jesus calls us to do. We hope this 21-day exercise will reinvigorate the church’s commitment to be peace makers in a broken world,” said Jenny Yang, Senior Vice President of Advocacy at World Relief.

To download the 21 Days of Peace guide, visit

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World Relief is a global humanitarian relief and development organization that stands with the vulnerable and partners with local churches to end the cycle of suffering, transform lives and build sustainable communities. With over 70 years of experience, World Relief works in 20 countries worldwide through disaster response, health and child development, economic development and peacebuilding and has offices in the United States that specialize in refugee and immigration services.

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