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World Relief Cambodia: Orn Raim’s New Purpose



“My name is Orn Raim, [and I am] 54 years old. I’m living in Tropaing Chor village, Chamna Leu commune, Kampong Svay district, Kampong Thom province, [Cambodia].

“I am a widow with 5 sons. I’ve been voted to be a vice village leader. I’ve been with this position for many years, so I know very well about my community. Our community was in trouble which made me and all leaders to be discouraged and about to give up our work because there were many arguments, domestic violence, gangs, land arguments, alcoholism, gambling, cheating, drug addiction, swindling and no forgiveness.

“Now we have help from World Relief who sent their staff into our community to teach us about violence, illegal migration, drug use and sexual abuse to women or children. We (community leaders) also teach these lessons in every official meeting or general meeting for encouraging and empowering people in our community. Now I’m so glad to see change among those issues. My people are changed and awakened by not wasting their time with alcohol but making money instead. They love, give value, forgive and accept one another much more than before. From our own observation in the community, we see that violence to women and children is reduced by 90% comparing with the previous result.

“Our purpose is to bring joy for community. Thank you very much, World Relief, for taking interest in our daily lives and community by equipping, teaching and bringing the great Light for us to see and understand the core issues in our community.”

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