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World Relief Decries President Trump’s Designation of 30,000 Refugee Cap

October 4, 2018                                              

Lauren Carl

World Relief Decries President Trump’s Designation of 30,000 Refugee Cap
Evangelical refugee resettlement organization mourns this decision’s impact on America’s heart and legacy  

Baltimore, Md. – Today, the President confirmed the decision to lower the United States’ refugee ceiling to 30,000 people for FY19. World Relief, which believes the United States has the ability to welcome at least 75,000 refugees, grieves the impact this reduction will have on some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

World Relief CEO Tim Breene commented: “The maximum number of refugees allowed into the U.S. has drastically decreased under this administration from 110,000 just two years ago to just 30,000 now. In the middle of the worst refugee crisis in history, this decision shows a need for us to reexamine our hearts and values. We pray for the refugee families around the world whom this will impact and will work to expand our country’s legacy of generosity and compassion.”

In the wake of FY18, when the administration vetted and welcomed only 22,491 of the 45,000 they were slated to accept, World Relief is deeply concerned that this year will mark a decline of U.S. leadership on refugee protection. With more than 25 million refugees around the world, many look to the United States’ leadership for help in fleeing persecution and oppression.

World Relief President Scott Arbeiter responded: “This announcement is disheartening because it undermines the White House’s previous promise to help Christians and religious minorities suffering in other countries. In fact, the number of persecuted Christians allowed into the U.S. from countries identified by Open Doors USA for the most extreme persecution has decreased by 74.5 percent between FY17 and FY18. The president campaigned on a platform to help persecuted Christians, but this decision will cause the opposite effect. We are saddened by this change of heart and believe the U.S. should do much more to serve the ‘least of these.’”

We are deeply disappointed by the Administration’s decision and the effect it will have on the safety and well-being of refugees around the world. World Relief will continue to welcome refugees in the United States in partnership with local communities.

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About World Relief:

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