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World Relief Reaches Nearly 700,000 People with COVID-19 Preventative Messaging and Assistance


November 9, 2020

Lauren Carl
(703) 388-6734

BALTIMORE – To date, World Relief has reached nearly 700,00 people with messaging by staff and volunteers on preventative messaging, medical assistance and education in Haiti, Cambodia and across Africa in countries such as Burundi, DR Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, South Sudan and Sudan to help combat the pandemic. Additionally, over 11 million have been reached by World Relief through radio and mass messaging campaigns. World Relief recognizes the devastating loss of 1 million lives to COVID-19 over the past nine months and its disproportionate effect on poor and marginalized populations.

According to the United Nations, there are nearly 80 million people globally who have been forcibly displaced, and COVID-19 has only made their existing challenges more severe. Country borders have closed to travel, many countries lack basic health equipment or expertise to deal with existing medical challenges and most refugee camps are ill-equipped to handle the evolving medical needs caused by a global pandemic. Global hunger has been significantly exacerbated by the economic impacts of efforts to contain the pandemic. Nearly 700 million people in the world are chronically hungry, and right now, coronavirus is endangering another 132 million.

“The pandemic has inevitably impacted all of us in some way. We grieve with those who have sacrificed plans, lost loved ones, been isolated from their families, struggled financially due to economic shutdowns and job losses, or lacked access to essential healthcare. It is rare when the whole world suffers united from a single tragedy,” said Scott Arbeiter, president of World Relief. “But we have to acknowledge the ways in which this health crisis disproportionately impacts the most vulnerable among us. They are at the greatest risk of increased hunger, poverty and violence as a result of the social and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

World Relief’s international teams mobilized to increase education with awareness campaigns and training sessions and address issues caused by the pandemic, such as food insecurity, domestic violence and lack of access to healthcare. During the month of September alone, World Relief’s teams have served an estimated minimum of 106,320 beneficiaries with various COVID-19 interventions. World Relief COVID-19 project staff have conducted training for health facility staff and supervision visits to isolation and treatment centers.

“Despite closures and restrictions, continuing our international development activities has been essential as the pandemic has evolved,” said Myal Greene, SVP of International Programs at World Relief. “The need is immense – and it’s sure to continue growing due to the impact of the pandemic on the developing world. We are continuing to reach the most vulnerable households with health education, food support and access to tools that protect their health, like COVID-19 kits, thermometers, disinfectant, soap and masks.”

“This has undoubtedly been a year of great change. We’ve had a longstanding history of embracing change, and I believe we can lessen the impact and bring hope to many thousands of the most vulnerable by responding to the opportunities that often come with disruption,” said Scott Arbeiter, president of World Relief.  

World Relief has been serving the vulnerable for the last 75 years, across 100 countries. To learn more about World Relief’s work to create sustainable change for the most vulnerable or donate to their mission, please visit

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About World Relief:

World Relief is a global Christian humanitarian organization that seeks to overcome violence, poverty and injustice. Through love in action, we bring hope, healing and restoration to millions of the world’s most vulnerable women, men and children through vital and sustainable programs in disaster response, health and child development, economic development and peacebuilding, as well as refugee and immigration services in the U.S. For 75 years, we’ve partnered with churches and communities, currently across more than 20 countries, to provide relief from suffering and help people rebuild their lives.

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