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World Relief Statement on the International Affairs Budget

MARCH 16, 2017
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World Relief Statement on the International Affairs Budget

We cannot afford to ignore global crises. These accounts not only support our moral values but they are also in our national security and economic interests.” Tim Breene, CEO of World Relief

BALTIMORE, MD – At a time of growing international humanitarian crises, it is important now more than ever, for the U.S. to continue its moral leadership in caring for the most vulnerable.

Today, the budget was released by the White House which cuts foreign assistance by 31.8%. The international affairs budget, which is about 1% of the federal budget, funds America’s diplomacy and development. This small part of the federal budget saves lives through high-level diplomacy that can prevent wars and through cost-effective humanitarian programs that saves lives.

“We believe the budget reflects our values and principles as an American people,” said Scott Arbeiter, President of World Relief. “It is critical now more than ever, that we continue to respond when we know there are people dying of hunger and suffering due to preventable disease. This is the time to build upon the success of the past in eliminating extreme poverty.”

“Both the public and private sectors are needed to respond to global crises and neither can do it on their own. These accounts leverage each other and have real impact in real lives,” said Tim Breene, CEO of World Relief. “These accounts prevent conflict, which saves American lives and money.”

Trying to balance the federal budget using funds from this small account is not only feasible, it also risks American leadership and the incredible gains the global community has made in the battle against disease, hunger and extreme poverty. International assistance funds leverage private resources from American organizations, donors, and businesses, many times at a 1:1 ratio or more, to maximize impact on the ground.

Support for a robust international affairs budget is critical, as demonstrated by the breadth of faith leaders signed onto two letters to Congressional leadership this week. To read both the faith leaders letters, please click here and here.

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