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World Relief to Implement Reconciliation, Stabilization and Resilience Trust Fund Project in South Sudan

October 24, 2019

Lauren Carl

World Relief to Implement Reconciliation, Stabilization and Resilience Trust Fund Project in South Sudan

Group to lead working group including CARE, Danish Refugee Council and Mercy Corps

BALTIMORE, Md. – World Relief was recently awarded a grant from the new Reconciliation, Stabilization, and Resilience Trust Fund (RSRTF) for South Sudan. World Relief will lead a consortium including CARE, Danish Refugee Council and Mercy Corps in this two-year, $5.2 million grant focused on Koch County, South Sudan, which will directly affect 3,070 beneficiaries and 77,886 indirect beneficiaries. This project is the first to be funded through this new trust fund and is expected to be a model which can be extended to other counties as implementation of the peace process continues.

The 2018 revitalized peace agreement brought about a notable decrease in political violence as a result of the conflict across South Sudan. Localized insecurity such as revenge killings, intra-communal fighting and sexual violence, however, have continued or even increased. Program partners in Koch conducted participatory field research in which residents identified gaps in the lack of rule of law, limited options for youth, continued ethnic division, gender disparity and the lack of basic services. Following the assessment and consultation with the Area Reference Group, four humanitarian partners proposed strategic interventions to facilitate reconciliation, increase stability and encourage resiliency in Koch County. 

These partners – World Relief, CARE, Danish Refugee Council and Mercy Corps – bring both a wealth of technical expertise to the project, but also years of experience of operating in Koch and local relationships. While the project’s efforts are focused in Koch, it is with the understanding that the stability of this location has implications for the surrounding areas. The partners will coordinate with other stakeholders, including United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and government actors, for key activities such as protection and access to justice.

 “We are honored to work side-by-side with some of the wisest and most talented in the industry to meet these pressing needs,” commented World Relief president Scott Arbeiter.

The project is designed to achieve the following key outcomes:

  1. Individuals, particularly children and women, are facing less violence at the community and local level. 

  2. Communities have effective mechanisms in place that meaningfully include women and youth to resolve conflicts peacefully.

  3. Justice sector actors are more effectively delivering justice, even in areas with previously limited or no judicial infrastructure.  

  4. Community resilience is strengthened through increased economic opportunities and sustainable livelihoods.

To realize these outcomes, a broad range ofactivities will be used to meet the identified needs related to reconciliation, stabilization and resiliency. Local justice mechanisms (chiefs’ courts) will be supported to provide appropriate and inclusive access to justice and referrals for higher crimes. A secondary school, second chance education center and youth vocational skills center will be established to give opportunities for disaffected youth who might otherwise turn to violence. Resilient livelihoods, particularly for women, will be supported, including the development of two key value chains. The lives of women and girls will also be improved through activities around gender and sexual violence. Housing, land and property (HLP) issues will addressed as a key concern for potential returnees. Peace committees will be formed to negotiate intra- and inter-communal violence and improve stability.

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