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World Relief’s Ongoing Support and Commitment to Refugees and Immigrants

December 2, 2016

World Relief’s Ongoing Support and Commitment to Refugees and Immigrants

World Relief has worked for decades with the evangelical community to welcome refugees as an expression of our faith. We look forward to working with the incoming administration to express that broad church support for diverse refugees coming into our country, as well as the robust public private partnership that is the cornerstone of the U.S. refugee resettlement program. We also look forward to helping all Americans understand the actual facts amid some popular misinformation, because the United States should be justifiably proud of its long history of bipartisan leadership, compassion and robust processes when it comes to the refugee resettlement program.

Earlier this week, we were saddened by the attacks at Ohio State University. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those directly affected, their loved ones, the staff and the community of Ohio State University. But we also do not believe the reprehensible actions of an alleged terrorist in Ohio are reflective of the countless thousands who have fled their countries precisely because of that kind of terrorism.

World Relief remains committed to our theological and patriotic commitment to ensure that no immigrant feels unloved, unwelcome, or insecure. We are committed to telling the stories of millions of innocent men, women and children who have been forced to leave the homes they love because of a conflict they did not choose. We are so pleased to work with Christian churches and other organizations nationwide to serve those, who find in the United States, hope, safety and an opportunity for the future.

We understand the need to continue to communicate about the facts about how refugees are accepted, screened and served through the United States Refugee Resettlement programs.  And we are heartened at the tremendous support churches have expressed to welcome refugees and look forward to empowering more churches in the months ahead.

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