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Urge Congress to support the Safe from the Start Act and End Gender-Based Violence

In humanitarian emergencies, conflict settings, and natural disasters, women and girls are at the highest risk for violence. One in five refugee or displaced women experiences sexual violence, and living in a conflict-affected area increases the risk of intimate partner violence by 50%.

These numbers display the known presence of violence against women and girls. However, crisis response does not effectively work to prevent gender-based violence, support those who have been affected, or empower women to be a part of the solution. If we seek to protect the most vulnerable, that means we must end gender-based violence in every form, including in humanitarian crises and conflict.

The Safe from the Start Act takes measures to ensure that humanitarian actors have the tools necessary to effectively combat gender-based violence. The Act prioritizes the safety of women and girls from the start by improving the preparedness of organizations involved in aid and providing access to life-saving, wholistic assistance that addresses the physical, psychological, and social consequences of gender-based violence.

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