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Building a Summer of Welcome

Summer is right around the corner! It’s the season of graduation parties, life transitions, and changing ministry rhythms. In the midst of all that, my team has been wondering, How can your church keep serving and welcoming our immigrant and refugee neighbors through the summer season – and have some fun along the way?  Here’s one…

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When It Comes to Impact, Small Things Live Large

When challenges arise, it’s easy to overlook the small things that can bring meaning and ultimately joy to any situation. In fact, it’s often in these small things where the true impact lies, giving us a fuller picture of what really matters. Listen to three World Relief Chicagoland staff share stories of how these small…

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Building a Cross-Cultural Relationship as a Volunteer

Whether you’re a seasoned volunteer or just starting out, Whitney Renfroe agrees that uncertainty can often accompany a cross-cultural relationship. After all, Whitney is no stranger to helping immigrants. During her college years, this occupational therapist spent a summer month in Greece serving and walking alongside refugees. And it’s the passion that brought her to…

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World Relief Argues Detaining Children Should Stay Off the Table

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March 17, 2023 CONTACT:Pinkston Baltimore, MD – World Relief is troubled by recent reports indicating that the Biden administration is considering the reinstatement of migrant detention policies utilized by previous administrations. Restoring these policies would allow the government to temporarily hold immigrant families – including young children – in jail-like facilities upon their arrival…

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The Act of Sacrificial Love

Adrian Hendarta Church Blog

This month, about 100 people will arrive as refugees at our offices in Chicagoland from countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Burma and others. As we prepare for Holy Week, I can’t help but reflect on God’s lavish and magnificent love for each of these individuals and the opportunity we have to show sacrificial love. I was…

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Q&A with Ukraine Response Coordinator Robert Hessenauer

February 2023 marks the one-year anniversary of the war in Ukraine. From the beginning, the global community of World Relief has been responding — welcoming Ukrainians seeking safety in the U.S. and working alongside Christian agencies and churches in Ukraine and the surrounding countries of Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Moldova to support those displaced by…

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Farzana’s Story

Afghan Parolee

In 2021, a young Paralympian, Afghan girl arrived alone in the U.S. without her family. Kabul had fallen to the Taliban. One year later this same girl sits confidently in front of an intimate crowd at a coffee shop and openly shares her experience – leaving the only home she knew and adjusting to a new life in a foreign country.

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Tatyana Sigidina, Ukranian Church Liaison

Ukranian Church Liasion Church Blog

Hello, I am Tatyana Sigidina, and I joined the church team as Ukrainian Church Liaison in December 2022. I was born in Ukraine in a huge Christian family, the eighth child of eleven. After finishing high school and seven years of music school, I got a diploma for tailoring women’s clothing.  In the 1990s, when…

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