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Pursuing Peace Together

Imagine a world where wounds were healed and reconciliation was made possible because wrongs were acknowledged and forgiveness was both extended and received. 

Where hatred and broken relationships were replaced with humble dialogue, and Christlike love fueled spiritual, relational and community development. This is the world World Relief Rwanda is helping build, and it’s the vision that has inspired a recent partnership with One Day’s Wages.

In 2019, Eugene Cho, founder of One Day’s Wages, joined World Relief President Scott Arbeiter and a group of other pastors on a trip to Rwanda where they witnessed this work first hand.

Scott and Eugene recently caught up with Rwanda Country Director Moses Ndahiro on Zoom. They relived a bit of their trip together and discussed what lessons the U.S. Church can learn from the Rwandan Church.

“Everyone loves the idea of reconciliation until it involves confession, dismantling, forgiveness, to forgive others. It’s hard work, and that’s what really inspired me,” Eugene said.

“The desperation and the pain of what transpired brought the Rwandan church on its knees to the point that they were involved in the courageous and the hard work of confession, truth-telling, forgiving, dismantling, and then creating a more compassionate and just society and nation.”

Today, on International Day of Peace, we’re excited to share part of their conversation with you. International Day of Peace is a global day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace by observing 24-hours of non-violence and ceasefire. 

This year, the United Nations has named “Shaping Peace Together” as the theme and dedicated the day to fostering dialogue and collecting ideas. We hope this conversation spurs you to consider how you might pursue peace in your own life. Consider sharing it with a friend and fostering an evening of dialogue on your own Zoom call!

Watch their conversation below and learn more about our partnership with One Day’s Wages.

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