3 Reasons to Join Us on the Journey Toward Easter


Next week, after the Valentine's Day chocolates are gone, we’ll enter into a season known as Lent. For many Christians, this is a time of reflection, repentance and prayer. Leading up to Easter, Lent prepares us to remember what Jesus Christ did on this earth, especially on the cross, and then celebrate his powerful resurrection from death a few days later. We at World Relief will be taking a journey toward Easter during this Lent season and we want you to join us - here are 3 reasons why you should:

  1. It’s simple. To sign up, all you have to do is JOIN. Our staff has created devotionals, prayers and compiled scripture verses to send to your inbox daily. With one click of a key (or one tap of a finger), you can continue on the journey each and every day of Lent.
  2. It’s relevant. The Bible verses, devotionals and prayers shed light on the realities we face in this world – the good, the bad and the ugly. We’ll share stories of what happened in the Bible as well as what’s happening now and what we can learn from each.
  3. It’s empowering. Getting into God’s word daily is good for the soul. Not only is it one of the most powerful tools we have as Christians, but responding to what we read leads us to break bad habits and gain better ones – developing spiritual disciplines that help us year round! The scriptures, stories from our staff and prayers will help you understand the power we have in Christ to change the world…and ourselves for the better.

"Resurrection Rescue": Reflections on Easter in Malawi

Roberta Nagel, volunteer Church Partnership Coordinator for Malawi, shares her reflections on Easter and the work of the Church in Malawi.


We are just a few short days from Easter. As I remember and reflect upon relationships formed half a world away from my birthplace, I am captured by the intimate analogies between what I have personally witnessed in lives here, and the miracle of our Lord’s resurrection.

Time after time, I see firsthand a life at the brink of poverty-induced despair or death from HIV/AIDS, but which now presents the picture of joy and health – all because of the love of God made manifest through World Relief servants who extended a small kindness – a cup of cold water - their lives have been “resurrected” from death to life.

Because a volunteer visited, and later accompanied her to get tested for HIV, a woman whose village was planning her funeral as they saw her wasting away from an AIDS related illness, is free from any symptoms and serves her neighbors as the leader of the very group who reached out to her with love in action. This, just one of hundreds, perhaps thousands of stories from World Relief venues the world over.

Just think, because of His Resurrection, we are in the unparalleled business of bringing resurrection rescue to those in our circles of influence as the extension of the hands and feet of our Lord Jesus. What a blessing and what a responsibility!

If you think this language is too dramatic, I invite you to ask them for yourself and see how they describe their transformation. They will assure you it is nothing short of a resurrection day miracle.

mother-b baby malawi

Easter Blessings to all – HE IS RISEN INDEED!

second photo by Marianne Bach