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Generations of Celebration

Gabi's graduation picture with her family

Hispanic Heritage Month has been celebrated for decades. Each year, families celebrate through festivals, gatherings and reflecting on the history and sacrifices past generations made. Gabriela Arreguin looks back on her family resettlement history and how far they’ve come since then. “I am very proud of where my family is now, they didn’t have much…

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Compassion & Advocacy

by Hunter West // Last December I took a trip to the U.S.-Mexico border, led by Abara, a nonprofit faith-based organization, alongside pastors and ministry leaders from around the country. There, I gained a first-hand look at an issue often found in our news headlines. However, headlines often do not give the fullest sense of…

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From Refugee to Creating Lasting Change

Oksana’s Story Oksana Verovaya and her husband embarked on a daunting journey, fleeing Ukraine with their two small children, and seeking refuge in the U.S. Their escape was driven by the persecution they faced as Christians, which compelled them to seek safety and freedom in a foreign land. First fleeing to Moscow, they had to…

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Glory to Be Revealed

A soccer player and former refugee from Myanmar.

Here’s how Di Sae’s faith and love of soccer helped him bond with others in school and honor his parents’ sacrifices along the way.

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Farzana’s Story

Afghan Parolee

In 2021, a young Paralympian, Afghan girl arrived alone in the U.S. without her family. Kabul had fallen to the Taliban. One year later this same girl sits confidently in front of an intimate crowd at a coffee shop and openly shares her experience – leaving the only home she knew and adjusting to a new life in a foreign country.

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Hope in the Tension of Waiting

Dear Church Leaders, The peace of Christ to you! Advent is in full swing—and Christmas is around the corner. What feelings does this season stir in you and your congregation—excitement, sorrow, joy, stress? Rhythms change a bit this time of year, freeing many of us up to gather with loved ones. Personally, I am really…

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Christmas in a Myanmar Village

Christmas traditions vary across the globe. In Tanzania, families attend church, then come together over a meal of fufu, rice, and goat or cow. In Myanmar, Christmas is celebrated throughout December as a holy month. And in the U.S., sometimes we don’t get to celebrate as long as we’d like. Here, Hanna Niang shares her…

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