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Meet Pabi

 Having fled dangerous conditions in Bhutan, 15-year old Pabi risked falling behind in her education and remaining isolated from her peers. But Pabi and her family found a warm welcome from World Relief's Refugee Resettlement program in the U.S.. Pabi began attending a World Relief after-school program at a local church, where she found friends and academic assistance. Today, she’s already received a full academic scholarship to college, and is filled with hope for her bright future.



Meet Kalissa

Abandoned by her husband and adult children in Rwanda, Kalisa struggled to survive and support her grandchildren. She felt alone and helpless. But then, someone from a World Relief partner church in Rwanda reached out to her. Kalisa began attending the local church, and every area of her life started to change. She grew in her faith, began mending her relationships with her children, and purchased a herd of goats—the revenue from which allowed her to build a brand new house.


A changemaker engages the world’s greatest problems.


1.6 million people in the world today lack the financial resources necessary to access food, clean water, and adequate healthcare.

World Relief is passionate about helping communities lift themselves up out of poverty — finding new physical, financial, and spiritual health. To help empower the most vulnerable to realize their economic potential, World Relief and local church partners teach volunteers financial and agricultural methods that benefit entire communities.

Through simple savings techniques, small loans, and successful agriculture production, vulnerable people around the world are breaking free from the chains of poverty. Join our network of changemakers and help communities lift themselves out of poverty.  


refugee children in the refugee crisis

65.3 million people are currently displaced worldwide — a number that's equivalent to 1/5 of the U.S. population.

World Relief is committed to standing with these vulnerable people — meeting immediate needs, and bringing long-term healing to an entire generation of refugees and internally displaced persons, allowing for transformation within families, communities, and entire regions for years to come.

Most refugees’ journey will take several twists and turns before they find safety and a new life. Where the journey ultimately ends up depends largely on who is there to help him at each turn. World Relief strategically places itself at the points where refugee families most need help, providing essential supplies to families who have been forced to flee their homes, safe spaces for refugee children to find a sense of normalcy, and resettlement services to newly arrived refugees in need of housing, employment, and  schools for their children. Join our network of changemakers and help refugees in their journey. 



Did you know that over half of all refugees are children? 

That’s staggering when you consider the 65.3 million people currently displaced worldwide — a number that's equivalent to 1/5 of the U.S. population. Often it is children who are most at risk during crisis. Displaced children lose much more than their homes. They often lose their childhood, having been prevented from opportunities for play and normal childhood activities. 

World Relief is committed to standing with refugees, specifically refugee children. 

Working with its partners in the Middle East, World Relief is helping provide Kids Clubs for all children, regardless of their religious affiliation. Sometimes meeting in church buildings, and sometimes in nothing more than tents, church and community leaders are providing safe spaces for children to learn, grow, and have fun. While many children of refugee families have little hope of returning home, they must be given the hope and the tools for a new future. Through Kids Clubs, World Relief and its partners dream of bringing healing to an entire generation. Join our network of changemakers and support our work with refugee children in the Middle East.



Women and children make up roughly 80% of the individuals who directly benefit from World Relief’s programs.

Last year, over 951,700 mothers and children received health, nutrition, and disease-prevention services in countries across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. World Relief offers programs designed to strengthen families by addressing HIV prevention and treatment, care of orphans and vulnerable children, sexual and gender-based violence, and gender equality. Our multi-year Innovation Child Survival Program in Rwanda recently closed with impressive results: More than half of children under the age of two, living in intervention areas, saw improvement in their overall nutrition. Join our network of changemakers and lend your support to the Southern Africa Food Crisis.



In 2015, World Relief and its partners served more than 602,800 people through disaster response and disaster risk-reduction programs.

This year already has brought the Ecuador earthquake, the liberation of Iraqi cities from ISIS, extreme drought in Southern Africa, and unprecedented waves of displacement in the Middle East. And World Relief was there each time – responding with courage and grit, working to stabilize disaster zones and help the people in the affected regions thrive once again.

In the face of a disaster, World Relief responds by providing emergency shelter, potable water, hygiene kits, sanitation facilities, and hygiene training. In addition to meeting the physical needs associated with a disaster, World Relief works with local partners and churches to address the psychosocial and spiritual needs of those impacted by disaster. Join our network of changemakers and support our disaster response efforts.


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