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COVID and the Issues: Health

Women, men, children and entire communities across the globe have been dramatically impacted by COVID-19. In order to stop the spread of the virus, businesses, land and air transport, as well as essential services, have been forced to lock down. 

Without the ability to continue treatment and a six-month disruption in access to antiretrovirals, AIDS-related deaths could double in sub-Saharan Africa in 2020 alone.

80 million children are at risk for contracting preventable diseases because immunization services at many health centers have slowed or stopped. 

Essential maternal and child health interventions are being reduced and could result in maternal mortality rising from 8% to 38% and children under 5 mortality from 9.8% to 44.7%.

With no access to these life-saving health services, COVID-19 could undo years of progress. Today, in the third of our six-week series, COVID and the Issues, we’re talking with Allison Flynn, World Relief’s Senior Health & Nutrition Program Advisor. Allison gives an overview of our health and nutrition programs and sheds light on the vital importance of creating and providing access to health care and information to individuals and communities, especially in the midst of a pandemic when the normal channels of access are closed.

Come back next week to learn more about how COVID-19 is affecting our US programs. And to join us as we fight back against the residual effects of COVID-19, visit

Dana North serves as the Marketing Manager at World Relief. With a background in graphic design and advertising and experiences in community development and transformation, Dana seeks to use the power of words and action to help create a better world. Dana is especially passionate about seeking justice for women and girls around the world.

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