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Helping Refugees in the U.S. – A Story from Columbus

Imagine fleeing your home only to find yourself being resettled in a new country with a new language, a new home, new schools, and practically new everything. On top of such an overwhelming transition, now picture being faced with yet another devastation that would change things yet again.
One quiet morning in Columbus, Ohio, a Nepalese refugee family recently resettled by World Relief woke early for their children’s doctor appointments. While eating breakfast, they looked out the window and saw smoke billowing from their building. Hearing no alarms, they rushed to the door to see if there was a way out, but with thick smoke filling the hallways, the only other option was to jump out the third-story window.

Sending the children first, then his wife, the father left no man behind and was the last to jump. Miraculously, everyone was okay.

But the neighbors below were trapped in their apartment, so the Nepalese family, after reaching safety themselves, put themselves in harm’s way and rescued their three small neighbors and their mother.

World Relief staff was then able to help this refugee family find a new apartment, purchase meals during their time of transition and donated furniture to help them get back on their feet.

Deeply moved by all of the support, the father of the family soon after got baptized and got involved in a local church.

Simple acts of kindness can make all the difference in the world. World Relief staff and volunteers help refugees like this family settle in the US throughout the year – bringing hope and reassurance in times of uncertainty.

To learn more about how you can be a part of what is happening at World Relief, contact a World Relief office near you.

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