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Today, over 68 million people have been forcibly displaced worldwide. Most of whom cannot return home. After years of fleeing violence, war, famine and extreme poverty, their greatest hope is to once again belong—to find a place to rebuild their homes and lives.

World Relief partners with local churches and community-based organizations across the United States to provide support for thousands of immigrants and refugees who are seeking a place to call home. We do this by:



Extending Welcome



Providing Vital Services


Building Relationships and Belonging

Our Work

For over forty years as an official partner of the U.S. Department of State, World Relief has been providing the expertise, services and relational connections our new neighbors need to flourish. We do this through:




Language Classes


Employment Services


Transportation Assistance


Community Connections


Health & Mental Health Counseling


Financial Guidance



School/Youth/Parenting Groups



Immigration Legal Services

Partnerships of Impact

We are committed to mobilizing partner churches and local religious, social and civic organizations into action and advocacy on behalf of refugees and immigrants. We provide the tools and advice needed to empower partners to learn, advocate and live out their heart for the vulnerable. Through this approach, in 2017:

32,000 refugees and immigrants
were welcomed
11,000 were provided with legal services
2,500 were assisted with citizenship applications
6,500 volunteers were mobilized


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Your giving ensures sustainability to our work in some of the most vulnerable places in the world. Contributions will be used for the purpose specified in this campaign. If in the judgment of World Relief such purpose becomes impossible, impractical, unnecessary, or undesirable, World Relief will use contributions for its general purposes.