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Hiring Process

  1. Review World Relief’s Mission, Vision and Values and Statement of Faith to ensure that your personal beliefs and motivating factors are in alignment with those of the organization.
  2. In addition to our Statement of Faith and Mission, Vision, and Values, World Relief has other key tenets which candidates for employment must review and understand:
    1. TOWARDS A FRESH EMBRACE OF OUR CHRISTIAN IDENTITY, which informs the organization’s position and understanding of key issues regarding our Christian faith.
    2. FOR THE HEALTH OF THE NATION, a publication of World Relief’s parent organization which informs World Relief’s position on matters of social and civic engagement.
  3. Search the Employment Opportunities for openings that interest you.
  4. Submit your online application. Answer all required questions and attach all supporting documentation (resume, cover letter, etc.).
  5. You will receive an email from World Relief acknowledging receipt of your application.
  6. A Recruitment Specialist will review application against the position requirements. You may be contacted for a phone interview to gain additional information and to ascertain your cultural fit with World Relief.
  7. Short-listed candidates will be invited for an in-person interview. Interviews are normally held at he job location. There are times when a mutually convenient offsite location may be selected to hold the interview.
  8. Candidates who are selected for employment will be contacted by telephone or email.
    Candidates who have not been selected for employment will be notified via email. Applications will be retained in our database for future consideration.

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