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Women Face Crisis in Sudan

July 15, 2024 |
Women face crisis in Sudan amidst war

War in Sudan is putting millions of women at risk. Read how women like Jawahir are advocating for the protection of those at risk.

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World Relief has partnered to release a new report on neglected crises.

New Report Highlights Drivers of Neglected Crises

July 12, 2024

Why are some of the world’s most urgent crises not receiving the support they need? A new report explains.

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Empowering Change: How Biblical Advocacy Shapes Our Response to Global Crises

July 10, 2024

For eighty years, our staff and our vast, global network of church-based volunteers have come alongside those facing crises of disease, hunger, poverty and displacement, directly meeting physical and spiritual needs.

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Responding “Here and There” to Global Humanitarian Crises

July 5, 2024

We are a world connected. Learn how a distinct “here and there” approach can address global humanitarian crises.

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12 Independence Day Celebrations Around the World

July 2, 2024

Have you ever wondered if or how other countries celebrate Independence Day around the world? Read more about 12 independence day celebrations around the world.

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Inspiring Stories of Hope: Raising Refugee Voices

June 17, 2024

Read 3 stories of hope from refugees around the world.

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Learn 3 ways you can help refugees today.

3 Ways You Can Help Refugees

June 5, 2024

Refugees are in urgent need of help. Learn three ways you can make a difference today.

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