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Find out more about the press coverage about World Relief and our opinions and actions to help the most vulnerable

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World Relief Applauds Trump Administration Decision to Maintain DACA Program


World Relief is grateful for the decision of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to continue the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, announced on Thursday evening.

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World Relief Responds to Blog Published By The Times Of Israel


World Relief CEO Tim Breene responds to an inaccurate blog posted on the website of The Times of Israel

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Turkana North, Kenya: One of the Worst Humanitarian Disaster You’ve Never Heard About


From Turkana County, Kenya—a remote and often forgotten region of Eastern Africa near the border of Ethiopia—CEO of World Relief, Tim Breene, has spent the last week meeting with local churches, pastors, government officials, and World Relief humanitarian workers to personally assess the dire situation on the ground.

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World Relief Statement on the International Affairs Budget


At a time of growing international humanitarian crises, it is important now more than ever, for the U.S. to continue its moral leadership in caring for the most vulnerable.

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In Honor of International Women’s Day, World Relief Unveils “Proverbs 31” Video As Part of Organization’s Thank God for Women Campaign


Beginning March 1st, global humanitarian relief and development organization, World Relief, began the roll out of the Thank God for Women campaign which focuses on empowering women and elevating their invaluable contribution in transforming families, communities, and cultures around the world.

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World Relief Responds to Revised Trump Executive Order


World Relief expresses ongoing concern at the Trump Administration’s decision to maintain a 120-day moratorium on the Refugee Admissions Program, excluding refugees from many of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

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World Relief to Highlight the Strength of Women in 2017


Global humanitarian relief and development organization, World Relief, is starting 2017 with a focus on empowering women and elevating their invaluable contribution in transforming families, communities, and cultures around the world.

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World Relief Echoes Concerns of Rev. Samuel Rodriguez Pertaining Anxieties Within Immigrant Communities


World Relief stands with Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), and also a former World Relief board member. Amid increased anxieties among immigrant communities in the U.S., Rev. Rodriguez recently issued this statement.

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World Relief Announces the Layoff of 140+ Staff and Closure of Five Local Offices Due to the Trump Administration’s Reduction in Refugee Resettlements in the U.S.


As a direct result of the recent decision by the Trump Administration to dramatically reduce the number of refugees resettled in the U.S. throughout fiscal year 2017, World Relief has been forced to make the difficult decision to layoff 140+ staff members across its U.S. Ministry and close local offices in Boise, Idaho; Columbus, Ohio; Miami, Florida; Nashville, Tennessee; and Glen Burnie, Maryland.

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World Relief President Reacts to 9th Circuit Ruling


We are heartened by this ruling as it keeps open a lifeline for so many refugees already feeling traumatized and unwelcome. So many families, already separated for long periods by terror, war and persecution can now continue the process of being reunited.

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Evangelical Leaders from All 50 States Urge President Trump to Reconsider Reduction in Refugee Resettlement


As Refugee-Related Executive Order Makes Its Way Through the Courts, Top Evangelicals Speak Up via Full-Page Ad in Today’s Washington Post

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We are Pro-refugee and Pro-security


We have recently been both praised and criticized for taking a public stand regarding the executive order on immigrants and refugees. Our critics have quite reasonably asked us why we would take a policy stand on this issue. Following is our view on how we use our voice on behalf of those we serve.

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