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Neema’s Plight

In an area known as Mile 46 in the Kajiado District of Kenya, the Elangata Wuas Primary School sits beside a grove of trees. On a seemingly ordinary Friday in July, the whole school — boys and girls, teachers and the headmaster — leave their lessons and gather to welcome visitors outside in the schoolyard.

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Frontline Report: Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Referred to affectionately as the Heart of Africa; rich in resource, culture and beauty. The nation has some of the greatest concentrations of valuable raw minerals in the world, and Eastern Congo, in particular, is fertile and ripe for agricultural development.

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Love Endures All Things

  “You have to keep holding on to HOPE to keep holding on.You having to keep finding your HOPE when you’ve lost it, or you lose your way.You have to breathe HOPE to keep your lungs and your dreams from collapsing.You have to let HOPE always carry you or fears will carry you away.And these…

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2 Ways to Put Love In Action This #GivingTuesday

Love feeds the hungry.Love welcomes the stranger.Love knows no limits. This #GivingTuesday (November 28), put your love in action in one of two ways: 1. LOCAL — Give to change the lives of refugees and immigrants in the U.S. Help meet the needs of refugees by providing compassionate and holistic care from the moment they arrive…

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Peacebuilding and the Evolution of World Relief’s Village Peace Committees

DRC: The Conflict in Context “Conflict spares no one,” writes Cyprien Nkiriyumwami, World Relief Africa Director for Peacebuilding. The context in which he writes is that of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). For twenty years the DRC has experienced continuous and brutal conflict, originally a result of the tribal animosities unleashed by the…

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Business as (Un)usual

When the small puddle jumper plane landed on its rinky-dink airstrip, I came to grips with the fact that I was face to face with one of the world’s oldest, most isolated, and yet most intact cultures.

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Thank God for Women — Thank God for My Mum

Thank God for Women is a blog series rooted in gratitude for the strength, courage, and incredible capacity women demonstrate. My mother was raised in a religious family. She taught me and my three siblings the basics of Christianity and taught us to love people around us. When my father died on the battlefield, my mother…

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The Oven of the World — Food Crisis in Turkana North

“Just another field trip,” I said to myself before we set off for Turkana. Nothing could have been further from the truth. It is hard to imagine a more isolated, inaccessible or hostile terrain than Turkana North, right up on the Kenyan border with Ethiopia, where World Relief is the only international NGOs to have…

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Thank God for Women — You Have Taught Me

Thank God for Women is a blog series rooted in gratitude for the strength, courage, and incredible capacity women demonstrate.  World Relief’s calling does not single out women. And yet, each year our work impacts around 7 million people, some 80% of them women and children. In sub–Saharan Africa, where the impact of climate change…

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