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Advent 2024

Free Advent Devotional

by Sero Ku // Devotional, LOVE —Love was, is, and always will be a verb and a noun, for God is love.  Prepare   “God, we breathe in Your presence, your love and joy of this season. As we celebrate this season, we also recognize how possibly painful this season may be for so many in our world. We ask for your…

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Love Remains: Devotional Series

In times like this, when fear and uncertainty threaten to overwhelm us, it’s helpful to take a step back and ground ourselves in the truth of who we are and whose we are. The gospel message we celebrate at Easter is one of absolute, unconditional love. You are more deeply loved by God than you…

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A Season of Lasting Change

A thousand years before Christ was born, the Israelite elders approached the prophet Samuel and asked him to appoint them a king. They saw a king as the solution to all of their problems as a nation.

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